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Computer Laboratory Principles and Safety Rules

Scientific project studies, undergraduate graduation projects and laboratory applications for undergraduate courses are carried out in these laboratories located on the 3rd floor of block A (A302) and on the 4th floor (A409) of block A.
Laboratory entrances and exits can be made by authorized persons with ID cards. When you first enter the laboratory, you need to contact the responsible faculty members and get permission for the work you will do.
Ensure that the area of ​​use is cleaned after the laboratory. Make sure that electrical equipment is turned off after the laboratory.
Please read in detail the applications stated below in terms of Computer Engineering Laboratories.

General Safety Procedures

1) Following the Instructions
After entering the laboratory, work will be carried out in accordance with the warnings of the laboratory technician/instructor in order not to disrupt the occupational and health safety rules.
2) Electric Sockets on Workbench
During the experiment, attention should be paid to the sockets on the bench for use. When unplugging the plugs from the sockets, remove them safely with one hand, not from the cable, but by holding/pressing with a non-wet hand. Using extension cords should be avoided whenever possible. Extension cords should not go under doors, across aisles, be hung from the ceiling, or plugged into other extension cords.
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